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Motivational speaking

Having been a motivational speaker over the last 10 years, Nick is often invited to address conferences and events, where he effortlessly stirs audiences with his expansive knowledge on business, growth and funding. His charismatic personality easily grabs and holds the room, refusing to let go until the last word has been spoken. 

Raise the bar at your next corporate event, with an inspirational talk by one of the UK’s most prolific property investors, speaking on one of the following topics:

  • 10 ways to raise finance for your growing business.
  • Scalable and repeatable – the formula for a fast growth business
  • Systemise your business.
  • The money comes to the deal – sure fire ways to have a flood of money at your door.
  • The 7 biggest mistakes made by Property Investors and how to avoid them.


“I’m sure the crowd would agree with me that your talk was well received. I would say this is one of the best 55 minute talks we’ve had this year. What you delivered was a factual account of life and property at a very different level to most in the room, a level which most would aspire to and hope they would achieve in their lifetime. Not many people stand at the front of the room and show the audience how they’ve raised the level of finance you have in the timescale you have.”

John Woolley, Property Entrepreneur

“Hi Nick, I wanted to drop you a personal line to thank you so much for your inspirational presentation, amazing content and dynamic delivery at PPN Brooklands & Young Entrepreneur, which had the incredible record-breaking crowd on the edge of their seats.  Manythanks for taking the time to share your experiences and being so generous with your advice during Q&A and afterwards during the networking session. Thanks again”

– Mark Stokes, Equagroup

“Nick Carlile recently presented at Reading PIN. The main speech was one of the best we’ve heard in over 4 years of running the event. His topic was individual, his knowledge, experience and proven results motivated, inspired and educated the crowd of over 100 like-minded investors. The way he presented was fun and engaging, as he easily interacted with everyone in the room. Ending the evening with Q & A worked well with more content for the audience and giving away a two day mentorship to a young budding entrepreneur was fantastic. I would recommend Nick to anyone and any event.”

– Peter Licourinos, Prospect Investors Club

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